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Caring for your kitten

Whether you're a first time cat owner, or you have already owned cats, getting a new kitten is a lovely rewarding time. We love to see kittens at the practice in Llangefni, and you can be sure that we'll make a lot of fuss of your new baby! Did you know that the most-watched videos on YouTube are those showing cats? Moving to a new home can be quite daunting for your kitten, whether they are shy or more confident, and they will rely on you for their every need.

Here's what you need to do to help them settle in: 

Decide on a great name - what will you choose?

Find a place to sleep - your kitten will need cosy bedding where they will feel safe and comfortable. This can be put in a cardboard box or in a cat bed to help them feel at home. Their sleeping area should be away from extremes of heat or cold and for the first few days it is a good idea to choose a room where you can put everything your kitten needs until they have settled in.

Organise vaccinations - kittens can be vaccinated from 9 weeks of age and need two injections to get full protection. Read more... When you bring your kitten in for their first vaccinations, we will also include a free Kitten Pack full of useful information, a free 4-week PetPlan insurance cover note, a free dose of wormer, a free dose of combined flea and lungworm treatment.

Buy feeding bowls - separate bowls for food and water, located somewhere your kitten can eat comfortably.

Set up a litter tray - initially this will need to be in the same room as their bed so that it is easy to find, but positioned on the other side of the room away from your kitten's food and bed.

Choose some toys - kittens love to play, and playing with them is great fun for you too.

Sign up for our Pet Health Club - we recommend our interest-free monthly plan as an easy way to take care of all your kitten's routine preventative healthcare, saving you money at the same time. The plan includes:

  • Vaccination - your kitten will need an annual booster to keep them protected.
  • Worming - almost all kittens are born with roundworms transmitted from their mother so it is important to use an effective wormer every 4 weeks until the age of 6 months. Read more...
  • Fleas - no matter how clean your house and cat, at some stage you will face the problem of fleas. Using effective flea products will make sure your kitten stays healthy. Read more...

Organise insurance - while our Pet Health Club takes care of routine preventative healthcare, a good insurance policy with a reputable provider will provide peace of mind that you are covered against unexpected health problems. We can usually offer a free 4-week comprehensive cover note at the time of your kitten's vaccinations. Read more...

Choose a good food - it is important to feed your kitten high quality diet. Kittens benefit from a diet designed for their rapid growth and high energy levels, and can then be moved onto an adult diet once they reach maturity. When they are very young and have a tiny tummy, they will need four small meals in a day. Make sure your kitten always has a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water and the correct amount of food. Read more...

Consider neutering - cat spay and castration are recommended for health reasons. Read more...

Make an appointment for microchipping - if your kitten gets lost, with a microchip you can be sure it has the best chance of coming home.

The Aran Vet Clinic is a member practice of the International Society for Feline Medicine and you can find more great advice on cat ownership on their International Cat Care website.

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